Thursday, 27 October 2011

Do You Need to Go to College to be a Security Guard?

Security guards serve a vital role in today's economy by protecting businesses from vandalism, theft, fire and a host of other problems. Security guards also serve as the face of the business. In fact often the first and last face that the customer sees. So with all these competing tasks are employers generally looking for somebody with a college degree when they are looking to hire?

The short answer is no.

Unarmed Security Guard Requirements

In order to become an unarmed security guard in the U.S. you only need to generally be able to fulfill the following prerequisites

Unarmed Security Guard Requirements

In order to become an armed security guard in the U.S.the requirements are a little bit tougher. Along with all of the above you will generally have to fulfill the following procedures as well

  • Go through a state gun training course
  • Get a concealed weapons license
  • Obtain a firearms permit

These requirements vary from state to state but usually two or three of these conditions are necessary at least. So as you can see there is no requirement for formal education whether you want to become an armed or unarmed security guard in America.

This isn't to say that getting a degree or certificate will hurt you though. You will definitely receive more interest with that on your resume and will likely command a higher wage as well. Some good programs to pursue are Criminology, Business or Sociology.

Skills Training

But more practically for some, it might be better to pursue a training program in any one of the following areas before applying for a job as a security guard.

  • CPR licensing
  • Firearms training
  • First Aid
  • Pepper Spray Training
  • Batons Training
  • Tactical Weapons Use

While almost anyone can get hired as a security guard after going through the basic requirements listed above, if you plan on taking your career seriously, you should certainly consider some further education or skills training.

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