Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Security Guards Can Save Your Business Money

Many people look at security guards and view them as a rather useless expenditure. They view them as kind of slothful, just sitting around doing nothing most of the time. But they can actually be a huge boon to your business. And there is actually a lot going on behind the scenes that people don't readily notice in today's security industry.

Low Cost

One of the best things about security guards for your business is that they aren't usually that pricey. Many security guard positions start with wages as low as $15 per hour. Surely the protection of your valuable assets and the piece of mind that comes with that is worth this amount. Just think about the receptionist which you pay $20 per hour to answer the telephone and take messages for you. Which is actually more important to your business?

Hidden Savings

There are also a whole host of ancillary benefits to hiring a security guard force. They will help prevent things like graffiti from happening. This saves you money in not having to hire a removal company to clean it up. 

They will also prevent break-ins and robberies that will not only cost you the price of the merchandise stolen but also the repair costs to any doors or windows they bust up. Most carpenters will charge you the equivalent of several day's pay for a security guard, just to repair a door. 

There are other things such as fire prevention where the effect can hardly even be calculated. The potential damage to your business from a fire that gets out of control could equate to the security guard's entire yearly salary. 

Hidden Benefits

Lastly, just the good will and feelings towards your customers and even couriers will greatly help your business. A security presence will help everyone involved with your business feel safer, and more comfortable doing business with you. This is just another hidden boost to your overall revenue. 

So I hope that some of these points will help you understand just how valuable hiring a security guard team can be. There are countless hidden benefits and money saving abilities that they have. And all for a very affordable wage. Consider some better security for your business today!

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