Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Benefits of Becoming an Armed Security Guard

Becoming an armed security guard can be a very good choice for your career. Although it isn't completely easy to become one. Depending on the country, usually licenses are issued by a government agency. In the UK for instance, the SIA provides firearms permits and licenses for all security guards. In the United States, you will have to apply through your state's Department of Justice or the Bureau of Security. So why go this extra step and spend your time and money (sometimes covered by your security company) to get this extra training? Well there are 3 good reasons.


While security guards are usually used as a deterrent mechanism only, potentially dangerous situations may develop every once in awhile. Being able to wield the threat of lethal force is usually enough on its own to thwart the bad guys. But in the last case scenario where you have no other options but to use your weapon, you know that you will be safe. And you will have the confidence in using your weapon effectively from your training.

Career Advancement

There are several jobs in security that are only available to people with the proper firearms training and associated licensing. These include an armed car guard, a casino guard and several government positions. If you want to have a chance to move up in your career into one of these more prestigious positions, then you will have to go through the required weapons training first.

Higher Pay

Not only are the jobs listed above more challenging and higher profile, but they also come with the requisite higher salary and benefits. This reason alone is why many security guards pursue their firearms permits.

What Should You Expect in a Weapons Training Program?

Before you get started, you should be aware that most jurisdictions will require a thorough background check before even accepting you into any training program. This should not be an issue for the vast majority of people. Only if you have some sort of weapons related offense in your past may this be a problem.

Most weapons training programs take place over a couple of weeks or months depending on the country. There is usually some classroom type work but most of the time spent is hands on, often at a firing range.

You will learn three things during your weapons training program.

  • how to retain your firearm
  • self defense
  • any applicable laws surrounding the use of your weapon

Retention of your weapon is crucial as the worst thing that can happen to you during an altercation is for somebody to get a hold of it and potentially use it against you. Self defense training will provide you with a variety of techniques both armed and unarmed to protect yourself should a dangerous situation arise. And lastly, there are strict rules in place about the use of a firearm that you need to be aware of and these vary depending on the jurisdiction.


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