Monday, 22 August 2011

The Most Important Pieces of Security Guard Equipment

Security guards have a challenging job that requires attention to detail and constant vigilance. It is imperative that they carry the right equipment for the job. This article will provide a list of some of the top pieces of gear that all security staff must have.

1) Uniform, Badge and Boots

Depending on what jurisdiction or company you work for, some or all of this equipment may be provided for you. A badge and uniform are essential to alert the public of your capacity as a security guard. They also work as a deterrent to would-be criminals. The mere sight of authority will scare many thieves and troublemakers away.

2) Flashlight

A good flashlight is an essential tool for this job. Since security guards often work at night when criminal activity is most prevalent, it is imperative that they are able to see all of the activity in front of them. Even as a daytime officer, you will often find yourself patrolling areas that are not well lit making a flashlight very handy. Although primarily used as a lighting device, most security guards these days carry heavy duty flashlights made of metal or other robust materials. This allows them to be used as a weapon if needed as well.

3) Baton

While altercations are rare in the security guard field they do happen from time to time. A baton serves as a reminder of your authority to criminals. And it can serve as a useful tool in combating unruly people without applying a serious or lethal amount of force. A longtime highly valued tool of the trade for police officers, a baton is an essential piece of equipment for all security guard personnel.

4) Handgun

While not authorized to be carried in all jurisdictions, and often requiring specialized licensing, a gun is the ultimate reminder to the bad guys of your power to stop them. Though rarely used, a firearm is a highly effective deterrent to criminals. In armed security jobs a handgun is almost unanimously the preferred weapon of choice. And in particular the 9mm due to its compactness, effectiveness in close range combat and low recoil.

5) Bullet Proof Vest

If you are an armed security guard you may be required to wear a bullet stopping vest as well. The benefits of this are pretty straight forward. It could save your life! While firearm combat is rare in the security guard industry the piece of mind that comes with wearing a bullet proof vest is well worth the trouble. Most security guard vests are light and highly breathable as they are intended to stop only small arms fire. Officers in highly specialized fields such as amoured car transport will usually be required to wear heavy duty vests with a higher stopping power.

6) Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is another common tool used by security guards to effectively stop a trouble maker temporarily without the use of lethal or serious force. Long a favored tool of police officers, the effectiveness of pepper spray in close quarter altercations is well known. By spraying them in the eyes with a chemical compound that causes irritation and temporary blindness in some cases, the would-be criminal will not issue a threat to your person, or the property around you, for several minutes. This will allow you to properly restrain the suspect and alert the authorities.

7) Cell Phone/Walkie Talkie

Most of your communication will be with other security guards on a local network using a device such as a walk talkie. However, sometimes you may need to call in the police or paramedics for assistance. So it is advisable to have a cell phone prepared with the numbers of local law enforcement and medical staff. Most security guard companies will provide this sort of equipment for you.

8) Digital Camera

A digital camera is a key piece of equipment in collecting evidence or taking note of criminal activities. Sometimes you may be required to testify in court and your ability to collect data to aid law enforcement is a key component of your job. Many cameras these days also come with video capabilities which can further aid in the process of gathering information.

9) Handcuffs

Most security guard companies will issue this valuable piece of equipment to their staff. Highly effective at restraining criminals until the authorities arrive, they are an essential tool for the job. At the same time they act as a highly effective deterrent to would-be criminals like many of the other pieces of equipment mentioned so far.

10) Security Guard Belt

A good security guard belt is an essential tool that every officer must have. There are many different small devices and pieces of equipment that a security guard must carry. And you want to be able to access them as effectively and efficiently as possible. A good security guard belt will allow you to do just that. They will often come withe many different slide-able clips and adjusters to make organizing all of your gear that much easier.

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