Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Top Five Characteristics of an Outstanding Security Guard

Security guards spend a lot of their time communicating with law enforcement and the public. In an emergency situation every second is crucial so it is imperative that you are able to quickly and effectively describe the situation to a dispatcher. And security guards often act like customer service reps with the public. They get asked questions in person or over the phone. It is highly beneficial to the company you work for that you are able to communicate well with them.

2) Good Memory

Security guards have to perform many small tasks and so being able to remember key details is a big helper. Also, you may be required to testify in court from time to time where you may be asked to describe a past situation. Being able to remember key details of events and people can really help with this.

3) Rapid Thinking

Situations that demand an immediate response can happen at any time. And a good security guard must be able to quickly assess a situation and make good decisions. Training and experience will certainly help with this, but being quick on your feet is an excellent ability to have.

4) Writing Ability

Security guards are expected to keep detailed logs on events. This information may be later used in court, aid law enforcement investigations or be utilized by superiors for decision making and planning. Being able to succinctly and quickly describe events will aid greatly in these regards.

5) Staying Alert

Security guards are often required to work at differing hours, by themselves, as well as with a group or a partner. Being able to stay alert at all times is one of the most important skills that a great security guard can have. There are many types of legal stimulants such as caffeine or energy drinks that one could use. But a balanced diet with regular exercise and good sleeping habits will help most in this regard.


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