Security Guard Training in Pennsylvania

Opportunities are almost limitless in Pennsylvania for positions in the security guard industry. Many people think this is a dull job for old men. Nothing could be further from the truth. Modern security guarding is full of technological know-how, fast paced thinking, communication with the public and covert surveillance operations. This is a job that is suitable for someone who is looking for a real challenge in life. It is also a very rewarding and stable career path.

Becoming a security guard in the state of Pennsylvania works a little bit differently than it does in most jurisdictions. All security personnel must be licensed and certified. However, in order to apply for this you must petition a state court. The county clerk's office will ask you a list of questions thereafter.

You should bring a few documents with you. A passport type photo, proof of a criminal background check, a digital copy of your fingerprints and some letters from past colleagues which can attest to your good character. Keep in mind that you must also be 18 years of age or older, have a valid U.S. citizenship, have no prior felony convictions, disabilities or drug and alcohol use.

The security guard training program that you will be mandated to complete and pass after your hearing will be at the discretion of the judge. But usually it is between 20 and 40 hours of classroom style theory and coursework as well as some hands on training. In the hands on training portion you will learn such skills as weapon's disarmament, interrogation techniques, writing reports, surveillance, and public communication.

Please be aware that there is a $17 dollar fee for your fingerprint analysis and a $200 fee for your license. Both of these are non-refundable.

Becoming a security guard in the state of Pennsylvania is a little bit different than in other areas. But if your go through the proper steps and get the right security guard training, you will be on your way to a fantastic new career before you know it!