Saturday, 23 July 2011

Becoming a Security Guard in Canada

In Canada, security guard regulation falls under the jurisdiction of each individual province and territory. All ten provinces and the Yukon territory have legislation requiring all security guards to be licensed according to a list of criteria.

Most provinces for instance closely regulate the use of restraining devices such as handcuffs and except in special cases, ban the use of firearms completely. Federal law in Canada also forbids the use of firearms by security guards with exceptions for special cases such as armored car guards and licensed trappers.

In order to become a security guard in Canada you must meet these three requirements
  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must be legally able to work in Canada
  • You must have a clean criminal record
Next you will want to signup to take the Basic Security Guard Course from a licensed instructor. This program is 40 hours in length in a classroom type setting where you will learn everything that you need to know about becoming a security guard in Canada.

Here is a video which provides some excellent basic information on security guard training.

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